Mountain Ash Elk Ranch is located in Sandy Creek, New York on the eastern shore of beautiful lake Ontario.  The owners Dick and Lori Krebs established Mountain Ash Elk Ranch in 1996 by purchasing one bull and eight cows.  Since then, the Mountain Ash Elk Ranch facility has grown to include more than 80 elk, 100 acres of fenced alfalfa pastures, wooded pastures, and a barn used for handling, weighing the elk, harvesting antler velvet, and for administering medical care.

Elk are relatively low maintenance animals.  The elk can survive outdoors year round and graze mainly on alfalfa and grass.  During the winter months, the elk are grain fed.  Dick Krebs does the feeding, care, and management of the Mountain Ash Elk Ranch herd virtually by himself, except for fencing and antler velvet harvesting.  Dick recruits his friends and family to help with the moving, handling, and harvesting of the elk antler velvet every year.

Mountain Ash Elk Ranch and Dick Krebs are members of the North American Elk Breeders Association (NAEBA), the American Elk Products Board (AEPB), and the Northeast Deer and Elk Farmers (NDEF). 

Mountain Ash Elk Ranch sells bulls and cows for breeding, shooter bulls for elk hunting, and USDA inspected elk meat for personal use or to restaurants.  A complete line of elk antler velvet products are also available.  If you have any questions about the elk business or the Mountain Ash Elk Ranch Facility please call or email Dick Krebs today.  Tours of the facility are available by appointment.


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